Watch some of the videos we have created for our own enjoyment and are sharing with all of you. We might be reviewing a restaurant, vacation destination, or just discussing the adventures of life. Please go to the Todd Squad Official YouTube Channel for the rest of our videos.

Trouble in Paradise

Watch as we discuss the challenges of waiting for our food and then join us on a drive to Jamestown.

Playhouse Disney from August 2002

The show has changed a bunch since then. I have three of these videos. I will be adding all of them to the YouTube channel eventually. This was the first time we went, Jaden was just five months old. From this video, you will get an idea of the happy chaos that happens when you put about one hundred preschoolers and their families in a large theatre.

Riding Loch Ness

You must get permission to do this and you must be wearing a GoPro or other camera strapped to your body.